The Junior Division is going to be everybody’s favorite part of ISDC and our community is ready to be supportive of our youngest members! We have an amazing weekend planned and we’re ready to get everyone ready to participate!

junior division competition:

(All Styles) Competitors will display their choreographed creativity without aerials, air-steps, acrobatics and lifts in this division. “On the ground” moves (such as leans, drops, slides, and splits) are allowed. Competitors will select their own music. Routines must be a minimum of two-minutes and a maximum of four minutes in length.

To enter your Juniors into the competition, please email their names to or

Entry Fee: $0/couple

Prizes: Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd arrangements for your children.

contact our program directors for assistance:

Iris Lancaster -


Lakeyta Steward -

youth weekend pass pricing:

A discounted entry for 17 years of age and under only. (Verified upon check-in)

  • Will receive a discounted weekend event pass at $79.00 (send paypal payment to

  • Will receive free admittance to all Youth Program workshops

  • Will receive free admittance to the Junior’s competitions

  • Will participate in Youth Program-sponsored group get-togethers

  • Parent, Legal Guardian, or approved Chaperone will not receive financial support for the event

table & hours for youth:

We will have a designated ISDC youth group tables(s) for those wishing to congregate together in the ballroom.

  • Junior entry at the $79 rate DOES NOT include adult workshops

  • Juniors are invited to attend special junior classes held during main day competition times.

  • Youth under the age of 14 are not allowed in the main ballroom after 10:30pm. This rule will be enforced. Parents please make arrangements for your children.

  • Youth 14-17 are not allowed in the main ballroom after midnight. This rule will be enforced. Parents please make arrangements for your children.


There are several key pieces of information that we need to have from parent and chaperones in order to register your youth.

  • Names and ages of all Youth participants as well as any chaperones that will be in attendance.

  • Weekend contact information for all chaperones (cell numbers)

  • Names of all Youth participants competing in the Juniors Division so we can ensure that enough time has been allotted for your division.

  • IMPORTANT: All participants (Youth and chaperones if purchasing a weekend pass) must pre-register for the event; there is no on-site registration for the Youth Program. We would like everyone to be registered by May 15.

  • Each Junior must send a signed copy of the liability waiver before May 15th


  • Upon entering the clasroom, a positive and professional attitude is expected from all students and parents.

  • Consistency is key! Students are expected to be in EVERY youth class and scheduled activity.

  • Students must arrive 10 minutes early to class.

  • Profanity, unsportsmanlike conduct, or gossip about fellow student attendees will not be tolerated.

  • Cell phones are not permitted to be on while in an ISDC activity is in progress.

  • Parents and students are to keep the volume down in the common areas.