How well do you work together? Are both partners dancing well? One person should not be obviously “out dancing” the other. You just can’t have a lead who is an amazing dancer and a follow that is subpar. Both dancers are judged. We’ve seen many dance contests where only one partner is truly judged. This will NOT be the case at ISDC.


Quality of movement matters. How well do you do what you do? When everything else is the same, this is what separates placements. Examples include: Foot Placement, Body Alignment, Hand & Arm Placement, Basic Dance Rhythms, Rolling Count, Centering and proper use of Syncopations that are on time -- all in relationship to the "Center Point of Balance" and the MUSIC.


If you are not on time with the music. YOU ARE NOT DANCING. This is imperative! "Control of the speed of the action." In Dance Competition, timing is based on the ability of the dancer to transfer weight on the correct counts in the music.